About Hawkeye – Content intelligence from a leading content curation platform

Content intelligence from
a leading content curation platform.

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We’re here to help you publish content.

We launched Scoop.it back in November 2011 because we saw that publishing great content had become an obligation for professionals, marketers and businesses. We develop technology that helps them curate, create and distribute content that drives measurable results and ROI.

Our secret sauce:
we crowd-source the index for the relevant Web
thanks to our 4 million users.

Our first product – Scoop.it free version – so far helped close to 4 million professionals attract hundreds of millions of readers. By publishing content relevant to their area of expertise to their Scoop.it topic pages, these professionals build their personal brand and engage their network. In the process, they also help us identify new content sources producing valuable content: from new blogs to long-tail, niche industry publications, we crowd-source the relevant web at a rate of half a billion new URLs per year.

Hawkeye uses AI to analyze the relevant Web.

Back in 2014, we launched the Scoop.it suggestion engine to automate the content curation process by filtering the tens of millions of content sources that we crawl. But with Hawkeye, we’re going much further: we’re now using artificial intelligence to analyze these results, understand what topics they’re about and derive meaningful and data-driven insights.

Powered by the Scoop.it team.

We’re marketers, software engineers and business people who put customers first. We dare to try and take risks, admit failure but celebrate success, go fast, love to learn, always find solutions, never give up and, most of all, love to work together because it’s fun!

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